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Yoga is a powerful tool for self transformation. This ancient wisdom has the potential to unlock energy and reveal deep insights about you and your place in the world.

Yoga can create balance, stability, ease, strength, flexibility and joyfulness on a physical, mental and emotional level. 

It is my wish to share the gifts of yoga with others in order to help relieve suffering and promote the spiritual unfolding of each individual.

“Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself.” – Ramana Maharshi

abby Ward Takarabe meditation homeopathy yoga adelaide

Yoga & Meditation

Public class

This is a general class suited to a variety of levels of experience. It is a mindful class of asana (posture) to prepare the body and mind for the experience of meditation and relaxation. I encourage you to work at a pace that suits you and adapt as necessary.

Thursday 6pm – 7pm

Holdfast Bay Community Centre

51 King George Ave, Hove

$150 per 10 week term

$20 casual

Bookings essential

abby Ward Takarabe meditation homeopathy yoga adelaide

Yoga Personalised Consultations

You have a unique accumulation of experiences in your body and your life. Having a one on one session with me will help you know what specific tools to use to relieve your suffering and grow in self-awareness. These sessions aim to guide you towards a state of balance and ease. 


  • $130/hour
  • or $660 for a 6 session package

Consultations via Skype or in home (travel fee may apply)

“In order to practice yoga, you don’t need to believe in anything, other than the fact that you can go beyond yourself, that you can go beyond your current state of existance” Georg Feuerstein

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Health Counselling

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that stimulates the body’s self healing mechanism. It encourages your body to heal naturally, addressing the cause of disease whether it be physical, emotional or mental, acute or chronic. Homeopathic medicine treats individuals not diseases. There are many conditions that homeopathy can potentially alleviate, for example: digestive problems, headaches, anxiety, depression, menopausal symptoms and children’s health conditions. 


The first consultation is a detailed process where I will go through your case to ascertain your health history. After that I do an analysis and select the most appropriate remedy for you.

First consultation $150

The initial consultation takes approximately 90 minutes in order to take a detailed history of your condition. 

Follow ups $70

In order to evaluate your progress, it’s recommended to have a follow up appointment one month after the initial consultation.
The follow up consultations are between 40-60 minutes.

Consultations include all remedies and standard postage.

Consultations via Skype or phone

The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health; that is, the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable, and least disadvantageous way, according to clearly realisable principles. Samuel Hahnemann (Aphorism #2)

My relevant formal studies include:

  • Bachelor of Health Science – Flinders University SA 2010
  • Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies – Flinders University SA 2014
  • Certificate of Traditional Yoga Studies – George & Brenda Feuerstein 2014
  • Diploma of Homeopathy – International Academy of Classical Homeopathy with Prof. George Vithoulkas 2014

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